Ladies Night in Dubai

Gone are the days when going to nightclubs was considered taboo for women. And those who frequented such places where labeled as “fast” and were not considered homely and fit for marriage. With liberalization, privatization and globalization waves sweeping all through the globe, more women have joined the workforce and are willing to spend on luxuries that money can buy. Business owners keep a keen eye on changing social trends and therefore even the most stylish bars have dedicated hours and even special days set aside exclusively for women. Here, women planning a ladies night out in Dubai get free entry but male stags are charged an entry fee and the bigger the group, higher the discounts. Some resto-bars offer unlimited snacks, food, and drinks per bottle if there are more than twenty people coming. 

ladies night in Dubai

  • Name- Taniya
  • Age -22 year
  • Height – 5.4
  • Weight- 54 kg
  • Measurements -93C-60-90 cm
  • Hair -Blond
  • Eyes -Brown
  • Language -English/Urdu/Hindi
  • Occupation –  Fashion Model
  • location – Dubai 
  • Contact-   +971 52 475 4411


Who needs men?

Yes, when you have plentiful options in the emirate of Dubai, then you don’t need men for celebrating a ladies night in Dubai as you can share all naughty jokes and enjoy the admiring glances of unknown married men. Seeing the thirst in their eyes to get you will really make you feel special. Imagine going to a place where men drool over you and try to establish contact with you?  Isn’t Lovely it?  There is no dearth of fun as there are hundreds of outlets that have special plans and privileges for women and much more are getting added every week.

Experience Persian music

The moment you step into a bar to relax and unwind, you will not only hear international chartbusters from Hollywood but also Arabian music and Bedouin folk music. This kind of music has been passed on from the medieval times to present day through the word-of mouth and it was the nomads, fishermen folk who are credited with carrying on this legacy. Modern music companies now employ fusion music where diverse music forms are fused in with Arabian music to deliver an unforgettable experience to visitors. You will hear the music of composers who mix Indian, Spanish and Arabic music in order to ensure that guests party all night long to foot-tapping music.